This project, called "Desperate," is a representation of those moments when we emerge from the depths of despair. It encapsulates the essence of when we confront the darkest aspects of our lives and utilize them as stepping stones towards personal growth and self-improvement. In these moments, we face our dragons head-on and release their hold on us. "Desperate" aims to capture the courage and resilience of individuals who have traversed life's arid landscapes, showcasing that even in our most trying times, we have the capacity to love and be loved. 

We perceive anger as a bad emotion that we must push to the side and not identify with. However our suppression of anger in the world makes us incapable of love, as the seeds of our anger continue to grow roots deep within us that, unless acknowledged, often turn into unconscious aggression. To be mindful of our anger and to be able to express it to another without being aggressive will transform anger into love.
→ Psychologically, repressing our anger, or any emotion, without making it mindful has a devastating effect both on the individual and on the collective. Many people who are spiritually inclined tend to suppress dark aspects within themselves, incorrectly assuming that these emotions are illusory, fearful, and negative. Instead of moving through their pain, they store it in the back closet of their minds, where it continues to grow stronger.

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