In March 2020, the world was thrown into chaos and despair due to a highly contagious virus, forcing us into quarantine and keeping us locked down in our homes. In response, I created The Quarantine Collection; an art-collaborative-photo initiative that was a victory over the chaos, solitude, fear, and isolation that many faced. Over the course of 6 weeks (starting on March 23rd, 2020), I managed to photograph over 160 people from all around the world, using only their phones and the internet as the medium to capture my photographs. I wanted to prove that art cannot be locked down and offer hope to creatives in a time of uncertainty. I had the vision to use somebody else's camera to capture the images I imagined, and with the help of communication with the model and being present at the moment, I was able to create story-telling images on a global scale. I took this limitation and used it to my advantage, channeling the power of creativity to start a revolution. I proved that art can't be locked down.

As a regular film photographer, I welcomed the challenge of limitations, knowing it would make me smarter. The pandemic put a roadblock in my way, but I refused to let it stop me from creating and maintaining my mental health. Soon I realized I could use someone else's camera to capture the images I was envisioning, no matter where I was or what camera I had access to. This led me to develop a new way of photography. When facing extreme situations, artists are at their best and can showcase their unique style and vision. This has been an amazing time to create. As an artist, I feel privileged to be able to bring hope and inspire the world with my work. Virtual shoots have kept me optimistic as I was able to help other creatives from all around the globe. I hosted virtual photo meets for over 400 photographers, directing models and capturing great moments. My mission was to give people the chance to disconnect from the world, create art, and feel happy about it. I'm incredibly proud to have developed a new scheme for photography that stays true to the very essence of human creativity, passion, and the ability to adapt.
Here are just some of those pictures we created during  Covid-19  pandemic Lock down..

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