We never stop carrying our history with us, the story of who we are, our personality, and our ego. Everyone has a life situation, past, relationships, jobs, finances, where you live, what happens to you... When the life situation is all you know about yourself, you miss life.
Suffering needs time to survive. When in the presence of death, we stay naked. Confirming that is not what we’ve done but who we had become.
 The identity becomes a personality that seems to be following a script, distorting our instincts and confusing our perceptions, finally disconnecting us from the present, and in some situations even sabotaging our options to experience happiness. We get obsessed with trying to escape the present, thinking someone or something will save us or will make us happy. 

We lived stressed, dealing with continuous needs and problems, one after another one. We become victims of our own story. We got depressed when we realized we don’t want to be our character anymore. The best of us becomes the worst and keeps people away from us. Do we need problems to justify our miserable existence?
You can be the best person you can possibly be right now, right this moment. Your life is now; The Eternal Now.

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